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Wolff friends

Wolff friends together with AWFG want to inspire the public through events and exhibitions

Wolff friends support the Ann Wolff foundation AWFG. As cultural workers they will help to take care of a collection with more than 200 pieces of art.
The collection will stay on Gotland, will be shown national and international and will be usable for students and the public through the archive in progress.

Besides the our discourses concerning the arts in general we are closely working together with AWFG we are discussing activities which can be used as an economic base for our goals.


We are working with:

  • Leasing of artwork from the AWFG collection to public and private institutions. Contact Lars Elfström, lars.a.elfstrom(at) gmail.com
  • Leasing of national and international exhibitions. Contact Lars Elfström, lars.a.elfstrom(at) gmail.com
  • Organizing special editions for sale to Wolff friends and the public

You find more detailed information about our activities such as exhibitions, seminars and meetings in the EVENT section. If you need more information about  how to contact us you find that in the CONTACT page.

Editions for friends

A small sculpture from Ann Wolff 1996 will be done in a new edition. At that time Ann worked intensely with the theme identity. The question, what do you find behind the mask, was leading her to a variety of pastels and sculptures, which were casted in bronze at that time.

The sculpture SJÄLV

The sculpture SJÄLV is 13 cm high and will be casted in black resins in an edition of 60 signed exemplars. The prize will be 12.000 SEK.

The first 15 numbers are reservated for Wolff friends.

These are available for 10.000 SEK. Click on the link below and make your reservation of an unique and numbered sculpture or contact Maja Sjöberg, friends(at)awfg.se, to make your reservation in time.

Reserve the sculpture ``SJÄLV``

Become a friend

The foundation and the Wolff friends want with the base of an unique collection widely inspire the public through events and exhibitions. Our archives will offer research opportunities for students and all who are interested in culture and art. An economic base will be built up through the annual contributions from the society Wolff Friends.

We need your support for our ambitions. Become a member of the society Wolff friends.

Membership levels.

Click on the link below and apply for membership in Wolff Friends or contact Maja Sjöberg, friends(at)awfg.se, to make your request.

Payment details:

Ann Wolff Foundation Gotland, Stiftelse
Svenska Handelsbanken, Visby, Clearing: 6636
Bankgiro 5195-3586
IBAN: SE51 6000 0000 0004 5384 9431


  • Wolff basic friend (with ambition to work as a volunteer from time to time) – 500 SEK/year
  • Wolff best friend – 1 000 SEK/year
  • Ylva (educating mothers or fathers with volunteer ambitions) – free
  • Young Wolff (age under 18 with volonteer ambitions) – free
  • Founding Wolff – 20 000 + SEK/lump sum
  • Wolff forever – 10 000 SEK/lump sum
  • Wolff sponsor – 5 000 SEK/lump sum
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The friends plant a walnut tree at the founding day in the wolff studio garden
The friends plant a walnut tree at the founding day in the wolff studio garden
Lease a sculpture OPEN HANDS on the way to Ödins garden
Lease a sculpture OPEN HANDS on the way to Ödins garden
The black and white wolff
The black and white wolff