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7 MAY – 15 JUN 2020


Gallery Sebastian Schildt

Quarantena – an art exhibition forming a unique testament to these strange times we are going thorough.

A group exhibition with twenty artist. It is the first time Ann has exhibited work in metal in Sweden and at the exhibition Ann shows the sculpture “Hood”.

Quarantena creates space for reflection.
Reflection as a basis for artistic creation.
The sculpture “Hood” embodies time and space.
Time equals perishability and the hatchet is empty.

Read more and book a time slot for a private visit on the exhibition at Gallery Sebastian Schildt.

Hood, 2019, nickelsilver
Hood, 2019, nickelsilver
19 OCT – 24 NOV 2019

Traps and Transit

Hedvig Elenora Church
As a continuation of the exhibition in August in Stockholm, Ann Wolff exhibits Traps and Transit in Hedvig Elenora Church.
The exhibition is in collaboration with Gallery Sebastian Schildt.
The exhibition opens Saturday 19 October. Opening speech at 17.30, vicar Sven Milltoft in conversation with Ann Wolff about art and life. Read more of the program for the evening here.
Hedvig Eleonora Church
12 OCT – 13 OCT 2019

The jackdaw on the quay

Some time ago, Ann began to think about the jackdaw that visited her garden every day. It looked curious and looked with annoyed kind eyes at Ann and Dirk as they worked in the studio. Ann then decided to make a jackdaw in bronze and the project was named CORVUS (the family crow in latin). It was cast in a few copies and immediately became very popular.

Some of them are sold, and one was lent to Solliden Royal Castle Park this summer where many could appreciate “The jackdaw”. Ann and her team have since worked with a magnification of “The jackdaw” which is about 180 cm long, 100 cm high and weighs 190 kg.

The idea with the big “Jackdaw” is now that it should be in Visby harbor and welcome everyone who comes by boat to Gotland. The municipality has already offered a place on the outer peak of the inner breakwater.

AWFG has paid the casting for “The jackdaw”, but sponsors are still needed for casting foundations, transport and set up. We also thought that the sponsors names should be on a plaque in connection with the artwork. AWFG´s friends will then take care of the maintenance and make this a recurring spring cleaning event on the quay.

The jackdaw” has recently been delivered to Ann Wolff´s studio and in collaboration with Galleri Ridelius, we invite you to an opening on October 12thand 13that 13-17 at Björkvägen 2 B, Visby where “The jackdaw”will be shown together with Ann´s new sculptures in glass and metal.

The jackdaw on the quay
The jackdaw on the quay
21 AUG – 14 SEPT 2019

Traps and Transit

Gallery Sebastian Schildt exhibits Traps and Transit with eleven monumental sculptures in glass. The exhibition will be shown on 21.08.2019 – 14.09.2018 on Strandvägen 5 B, Stockholm, Sweden

More info:

Trap IV
Trap IV
8 JUN 2019 - 25 AUG 2019

Expressions in Glass

An exhibition from Nationalmuseum at Läckö Castle, Västmanland.

This exhibition displays unique works of art in glass by about 50 artists that come from Nationalmuseum’s extensive collection of modern glass art from 1960 onwards. For the exhibition Nationalmuseum has asked the artists who are still alive to express their own ideas about their works in words.

Ann Wolff shows artwork in hot-joining technology from 1978, owned by Nationalmuseum Stockholm.

More info:

MAY 2019 - SEP 2019

Exhibition at Solliden

Solliden – Our Majesty`s summer residence on Öland

Ann Wolff shows TRAP a sculpture in aluminium, TRANSIT A, glass, and Corvus, the crow, bronze. The works will be shown from May to September 2019
Transit and Trap
Transit and Trap
6 APR 2019 - 15 SEP 2019

NGC 21

British National Glass Center

The exhibition “NGC 21” at British National Glass Center in Sunderland is showing Ann Wolffs sculpture MANY 2010, h 50 x 90 x 17 cm, kiln casted glass 125 kg.

Read in NGC`s catalogue  in paragraph 17:
“In 2005, National Glass Centre presented another solo exhibition, this time featuring work by Ann Wolff, one of the world’s most notable artists working in cast glass”

14 APR 2019 - 20 SEP 2019


Sankta Maria Cathedral

During the ”Påskfestivalen” inaugurates a sculpture by Ann Wolff.

The sculpture is to be seen in front of Sankta Maria Cathedral in Visby until September.
24 JAN 2019 - 12 FEB 2019

Great Glass Getaway

Habatat Galleries

An exhibition of glassworks by Ann Wolff. You can se Blues, Monument, Trap V, Arena, Trap IV, and Blind Mountain.
2015   h 20x 28 x 59 cm    2 sidor slipad och polerad
2015 h 20x 28 x 59 cm 2 sidor slipad och polerad
24 NOV 2018 - 27 JAN 2019

The witch, the mother and the wolf

The Glass Factory 

An exhibition of glass with various narrative scenes by artists Ann Wolff and Ulrica Hydman-Vallien.
12 NOV 2018 - 2 JUN 2019

Collection exhibition 2018 II

Toyama Glass Art Museum

Toyama Glass Art Museum exhibits two glassworks by Ann Wolff, Head and Small Mothers.
They exhibit contempory glas artworks in the collection of Toyama Glass of Art Museum. The permanent exhibition will be shown on 12.11.2018 – 02.06.2019.
8 SEP 2018 - 16 SEP 2018

La Biennale Paris

La Biennale Paris – 8-16 September 2018

For art lovers from all around the world La Bienneale Paris is an event that should not be missed.

La Clara Scremini Gallery exhibits glass by Ann Wolff at the important fair in Paris 8-16 September.

More info:

19 AUG 2018 - 21 AUG 2018

Ann Wolff – Traps och Prototyper

Ann Wolff – Traps och Prototyper

Works by the internationally known artist Ann Wolff are displayed in Visby at Björkvägen 2B (Studio Wolff & Co)
On Sunday, 19/8 at 2 pm, Ann Wolff will be in the studio to tell us about her work.


Traps och prototyper
Traps och prototyper
4 JULY 2018 - 8 JULY 2018

Ann Wolff och Henrik Strömberg

Henrik Strömbreg at Wolffs studio, Björkvägen 2B, Visby

Henrik Strömbreg, from Berlin, is a well known artist working with photography. AWFs award gave him the possibility to work in glass. Henrik will introduce his work personally at the opening.

Vernissage 4 july 15.00 thereafter open after registration by phone +46 498 213132.

Henrik Strömberg
Henrik Strömberg
JUNE 2017


Wolff Friends invest in OPEN HANDS, which is casted in aluminium.

The inauguration takes place in Ödins garden June 2017 and Bo Knutsson, known from the TV-show Antikrundan, is talking to a proud group of friends at the inauguration party.

Inauguration in Ödins garden
Inauguration in Ödins garden
3 MAY 2018 - 2 JUNE 2018


Traver Gallery, Seattle, Washington

Traver Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Traps and Transit , a solo exhibition of seven architectual sculptures by German born, Swedish-based artist, Ann Wolff.

Embedded with poetic sensibility, the luminous forms showcase Wolff´s most recent explorations in glass. The artist utilizes the staircase as a connotation of time, and the complex optics of cast chrystal to create visually poetic musings on the vacillation of life: the coming, going and folding back on itself of timeand our own unique perception of it. Staircases leading at once somewhere and nowhere at all, the peices allude to both the futility and beauty of human endeavors.

Ann Wolff received her education at Hochschule fur Gestaltung, Ulm, Germany. Her career is distinguised with numerous awards, including the Lifetime Achievment Award from Glass Art Society. Wolff´s work is housed in many private and public collections throughout the world. In 2017, she established the non-profit foundation, Ann Wolff Foundation Gotland, to promote art and culture and to focus on the material glass.

TRANSIT B 2015 h 38 x 30 x 30 cm, kiln casted glass
TRANSIT B 2015 h 38 x 30 x 30 cm, kiln casted glass
28 APRIL 2018 - 22 JUNE 2018


46th International Glass Invitational Award Exhibition

Ann Wolff is participating with 2 works. A footstep , measurement of time. Stairs and steps. The works address time and space.

MONUMENT 2017/18 h 44 x 44 x 20 cm, kiln casted glass
MONUMENT 2017/18 h 44 x 44 x 20 cm, kiln casted glass
22 JULY 2017 - 4 NOV 2017


Toyama Glass Art Museum, Japan

A retrospective exhibition of 53 works of Ann took place in Toyama 22 july – 4 november 2017. The exhibition shows works of glass, metal and drawings from 1971–2016.

Toyama Art Museum, Japan – exhibition Ann Wolff Andante
Toyama Art Museum, Japan – exhibition Ann Wolff Andante
MAY 2016 - OCT 2016

Royal parc of Sollidens Castle, Öland, Sweden

Ann Wolff

Ann Wolff shows 3 of her sculptures in the Royal parc of Sollidens Castle on Öland, Sweden. From May to October 2016

Ann Wolff Soliden
Ann Wolff Soliden

Furillen, Gotland, Sweden

Traps and Transit

An exhibition with works inspired by the abandoned industrial buildings on Furillen, a small island opposite the Wolff studio Kyllaj in Gotland.

Have you ever been trapped in a staircase leading nowhere and you can’t find a way back? Feels like you are stuck in the middle of your live?

If you are constantly trying to get somewhere in life, you are most likely in transit from where you were to where you want to be. You should be pausing and just reflect over what’s right in front of you  sometimes.

Ann Wolff FATHER – sculpture kiln casted glass
Ann Wolff FATHER – sculpture kiln casted glass
15 JUNE 2014 - 30 SEPT 2014


“She has found her arena for the arts. Ann Wolff creates an international art arena in the Drotten ruin.”

After a successful show in Visby Cathedral Ann Wolff thinks it inspiring and important to bring exciting art events to Gotland and exhibit these in DROTTEN. a medivial churchruin in Visby

Besides Ann Wolff’s glass sculptures, there will be works by Czech artist and art professor Magdalena Jetelova, now based in Munich, who has exhibited her architectural installations in Prague, London and New York, the Swedish architect and artist Andreas Forsberg known on the Island through his project Studio Furillen, the Finnish artist Tuija Lindström, professor of photography, and  Maria Miesenberger , wellknown Swedish artist.
The exhibition will run from 15th June to the end of September and will be supported from the Foundation’s own resources as well as through partners and sponsors.