“Stairs and ladders occur in my early narratives BIRDMAN on stairs 1985. And STAIR HOUSE, focusing on negative – positive form 2004.”



This body of work was created during a time when Ann worked with the themes MIRROR, SPACE and TIME. The word traps refers phonetically to the word stair but means trap, transit associates to transition of time. Together they stand as a metaphor for life, and can be interpreted in different ways.
Ann Wolff’s stairs go up and down and lead nowhere without railings, and they are not walkable. Ann was inspired by St. Drotten, a medieval church ruin in Visby. The stairs with impossible high and uneven steps between
narrow walls lead up to the top of the tower. If you master these stairs you
will have a tremendous view over the city and the sea, togetherwith feelings of being powerful with control.
Ann started thinking about male and female stairs.

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