“The concept of the Pilchuck Glass School gave me the chance to remove myself from thinking design intended for the industry. Happy to be one of the first European members at this outstanding institution’s faculty, I was able to simultaneously share (teach) a number of cold glass techniques and develop my art in full scale.”

Pilchuck Glass School

Pilchuck Glass School was funded in 1971 by glass artist Dale Chihuly. In only 50 years, a makeshift summer camp set in the midst of Seattle nature has grown into the world’s biggest and most comprehensive glass art institution. The key to its success is the flow of actively working professionals from across the world that have been able to deliver an up-to-date and varied perspective to students paired with pioneership and curiosity.

Ann Wolff’s involvement starts in 1976 when Chihuly visits Småland and invites her to Seattle. Ann is still working at KOSTA. She first visits Pilchuck in 1977, and subsequently returns in 1979, 1984, 1986 and 1995. In 1978, she leaves KOSTA.

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