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Ann Wolff Foundation, Gotland Stiftelse
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Maja Sjöberg

Ann Wolff – exhibition at Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde

9 APR – 23 OCT 2022
With her unique sculptural works, Ann Wolff holds a distinguished place as one of the world’s leading artists working with glass. She applies her strongly personal approach also to bronze, aluminium and concrete sculpture, as well as to drawing, pastel work and photography. The exhibition shows the breadth of her artistic work in several techniques and media from the years around 2000 until the present day. The works are displayed both indoors and outside in the museum park.

Ann Wolff’s art extends over a period of more than 60 years and includes a variety of visual expressions, materials and techniques. In the exhibition, more than a hundred of her later works will be presented thematically and in dialogue with each other, which means that different materials and expressions meet side by side in the form of sculpture, glass collage, drawing art, painting and photography.


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