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"....give contemporary artists a residential scholarship with the opportunity to experiment with the material glass...."

Ann Wolff Foundation, Berlin is established as a non-profit-foundation in Berlin, Germany, in 2008.

Ann Wolff and her husband Dirk Bimberg established recently 2017 the non-profit organization, Ann Wolff Foundation, Gotland in Visby, Sweden.

Donations of works by Ann Wolff form the basis of both foundations. The foundations take care and maintenance of Ann Wolffs artwork, to show and publish it and widen the discussion concerning art and culture with a focus on glass.

A property in the middle of Visby donated to AWFG works as studio for the artist and meeting point for AWFG and Anns friends.

An aspect of AWF is to give contemporary artists a residential scholarship with the opportunity to experiment with the material glass and incorporate it into their work.

Residential scholarship

2009 Walter Holger, Germany, www.holger-walter-atelier.de
2012 Maria Miesenberger, Sweden, https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Miesenberger
2013 Christiane Feser, Germany, www.christianefeser.de
2015 Mette Björnberg, Sweden, www.mettebjörnberg.com
2018 Henrik Strömberg, Germany, www.henrikstromberg.com

Wolff friends

AWFG has a strong connection to the society Wolff friends, who supports the foundation basiquely and in all means.

Edition for friends

Boring things

The collections

The collections of AWF and AWFG are constantly growing.

AWF owns 125 art-works, including works by Holger Walter, Maria Miesenberger, Christiane Feser, Mette Björnberg and Henrik Strömberg, who received the Ann Wolff Glass Award.

The collection of AWFG consists of 100 works in glass, metal, wood and 75 works on paper of Ann Wolff.

The AWF & AWFG board

Members of the board AWF

Ann Wolff, Visby
Dorothé Nilsson, Berlin
Dr. Eva Maria Tutsek, Munich
Dr. Birgit Möckel, Berlin

Members of the board AWFG

Lars Elfström, ordförande, Fårösund
Johan Sjöberg, Stockholm
Ewa Björling, Stockholm
Johan Gate, Visby
Mikael Karlström, Visby
Kjersti Jones, Västerås
Ann Wolff, Visby

Studio in Visby, Gotland
Studio in Visby, Gotland
Work in progress
Work in progress